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Induction Cooktop ALK-F21

Induction Cooktop ALK-F21
Induction Cooktop ALK-F21Induction Cooktop ALK-F21Induction Cooktop ALK-F21Induction Cooktop ALK-F21Induction Cooktop ALK-F21
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  • Voltage 220V

  • Power 2000W

  • Color Gold

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order500 piece


2000W Golden Portable Stainless Steel Touch Button Induction Cooktop High Quality Hot Selling Induction Cooker


About the Product
ALK Induction Cooktop 

Cutting edge induction cooking is a safe and smart solution to messy grates and burners. With the ALK Induction Cooktop, the sleek metal surface utilizes magnetic attraction between its base and compatible metal cookware. A powerful and focused heat source transmits accurate heat for all forms of cookery, with the sensible addition of our classical control dial for time and power accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Model No.: ALK-F21

Voltage: 220V

Power: 2000W

Color: Gold

Key Features

• Unique magnetic technology transmits energy

• LCD display and simple dial to control timer and power

• Elegant metal housing with black burner

• 4 power levels up to 2000 watts

• Lightweight and easy to store

• Sleek metal surface, easy to clean